Dividing Property During a Divorce


  • Is your divorce at a standstill?
  • Has it been emotionally draining trying to divide possessions?
  • Hate the idea of having attorneys divide your assets with spreadsheets?
  • Have you begun a division of property, but are now stuck?

How Personal Property Division Works

Because California is a community property state, a divorce is not final until there is an equitable division of all personal assets and property accumulated during the marriage. This is often the most frustrating, emotionally-charged, part of a divorce.

As a neutral, third-party mediator, I meet with both parties in the home and work with them to divide everything, including all household items.  I facilitate and guide the process in order to bring about an equitable distribution of assets in the midst of what can be a tense emotional environment. 

My 20+ years experience of providing innovative solutions for clients in personal property issues, includes asset reallocation, interior design, downsizing, re-purposing and proper elimination of household contents, and organizational services for clients. 

I’ve managed a range of projects involving creative problem solving, facilitating between couples in creating workable living spaces, transitioning to separate households, valuation and allocation  of personal property. 

I have also had the opportunity to be a featured guest lecturer on Life Transitions for CA State and Federal prisons, and “Transitioning to Separate Households” for Alameda County Family Law Attorneys.