Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you come to my home? 

Yes. It is important to inspect, photograph, and evaluate all of your personal property in person. This is a service that attorneys generally do not provide. However, I will work with your attorneys in resolving your property division issues.  


2. Do I have to be there with my ex? 

Not necessarily. Ideally, the process works best and goes more quickly when both parties are present at the residence(s). However, there are cases in which the two parties are not able to both be present. In those cases, I use alternate methods of dividing the personal property. 

3. Should our kids be there? 

No. Because of the complex emotions involved, I recommend that children (of any age) not be at your home during this process.   

4. What if we began the division process, but we're now stuck on how to move forward?

I will work with either or both of you wherever you are stuck in the process. Sometimes the parties feel they are capable of completing this process themselves, but find that once they get into the details of the division it brings about frustration, anger, confusion, and a general sense of being overwhelmed. 

5. Will you be present during the whole process?

Yes. After the division process has been completed, generally one or both parties will need to remove the items which have been awarded to them. I will be present during the moving process, guiding the movers, in order to make sure that all items are properly distributed to the appropriate party. 

6. How long will it take? This depends on a number of factors; the amount of community personal property, the size of the residence or additional residences, the number of vehicles, valuable collections, and finally the willingness and commitment of both parties to work together to completion.