How It Works


When you can’t move forward in a separation or divorce until you divide your community personal property, you have a few options. You can try to do it yourself, you can pay your lawyers to do it, or you can hire someone who specializes in all the aspects of personal property, including understanding the emotional and psychological values as well as the monetary values of the property. 

As a Personal Property Expert, I can work with you in a number of ways:

  • Inventory: I can prepare a report which results from either couple-initiated or court ordered inventory of all of the community and separate personal property, which gives both parties a record of everything on the premises of all or both residences. This inventory can be a detailed list or can include photographs.

  • Appraisal: I can assign a value (typically fair market value) to your personal property. A dollar value can be useful to some parties in progressing through your separation, transitioning to separate households, and also helps reduce tensions where something might have a large emotional or sentimental value but not a high dollar value.

  •  I can help can create and customize methods and processes which level-set expectations, and help you start to talk and work through this  complex, emotional, but necessary process. As a personal property appraiser, I can help to  facilitate compromise and a distribution of property which feels much  more equitable to both parties, with differing priorities and emotional  attachments to various items 

  •  I will work with you dividing responsibilities for clearing accumulated  “personal property debt” between the parties. This might include removing clutter in garages, junk in storage units, attics or basements, old TVs or electronic waste, or toxic waste (old paints, tiles, cleaners, mattresses, batteries, light bulbs, etc.) which have accumulated over the course of the marriage.